WRT310N V2 with DD-WRT,通过测试

今天为止WRT310N V2已经平稳运行26天多了,本来还想多运行一天再写这个评论的,想想不缺这一天,晚上回去继续折腾新的DD-WRT固件,乃至番茄。


I received a V2 model. Luckily, it has DD-WRT compability too. After I found the Linksys original firmware sucks, I flashed to DD-WRT mini version and then it became much more stable. With DD-WRT support, it keeps working for near 1 month without any issues till now.
There was an issue that when I set WLAN as auto (20MHz/40MHz/auto), the wireless may stop working intermittently. Now I forced it to 40MHz and it’s working fine — as I said, near 1 month.
I think it’s the cheapest Gigabit router I can find, which is stable enough.



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